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TinyProbe - Big Time Application Intelligence Tiny Probe

It's Advanced Application Intelligence.

Pretty screenshots.  Mmmmm.

Click a button, get an invite to TinyProbe.

Powered by Google

TinyProbe is built using Google's Cloud services, including App Engine, Big Query and Cloud Storage. We scale like nobody's business and our uptime can't be beat.

Installs in Minutes

Enable JavaScript, Python, NodeJS and Ruby application logging in just a few minutes. Instrument your entire application in an afternoon!

Big Time Storage

This ain't your momma's datastore. Send in up to 50GB/day and store up to a total of 2TB of data. Report, graph, and alert on millions of events with a few keystrokes.

Application Intelligence

Search, report and graph millions of events in a few seconds. Troubleshoot your application before lunch and have the funnel analysis done before tea time.

Amazing Visualizations

Show off your application data in real-time using stunning visualizations. Assemble custom dashboards which will blow the socks off your manager's cat.

Monitoring & Alerting

Set up complex monitoring and alerting. Notify on errors, application failure, user events and more. Integrates in seconds with PagerDuty or Pusher.

Custom Applications

Obsessed with big time data? Build your own custom applications in JavaScript, then store them on Github & share them with other TinyProbe users.

Powerful APIs

Use our RESTful APIs to send in custom application data and build stand alone reporting and alerting applications.

Built with Love

We're passionate about our customers and their data. If there's a feature you've got a hankering for, let us know!

"I'm building TinyProbe for the real heros of the startup world. Developers."

Kord Campbell, Founder and Human